In this discovery session we wanted to update the navigation system and change the incar experience. We opted to design a new platform the for KIA K900. This is their high-end vehicle, and we wanted to create a platform that matched the sleek, sophisticated look the car.


The nav was reconfigured to be a dynamic platform, automatically updating and learning based on your driving patterns. Mark Coulstring did a great job redesigning the navigation in both a 3D view along with a simplified 2D view.


We designed a new grid for the platform that revolved around 1/3rds. With this we were able to allow for apps to have three different views, and snap within these grounds. Using the navigation controls, a driver is easily able to snap any of their favorite controls (music, navigation, UVO Controls, ETC.)

Brian Lamb posted an excellent Medium article about our entire experience building this platform. It has way more screens, videos, and a hell of a lot more words. I recommend checking it out here


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